Weather Forecasting


Western Weather Group works directly with individual companies to provide product solutions to their weather related issues. Weather variability costs businesses in the United States an estimated $630 billion. According to research, abnormal weather disrupts the operating and financial performance of 70% of businesses worldwide. Abnormal weather being the difference between the observed weather and its “normal value” which is typically calculated using the 30-year average. Western Weather Group customizes their forecasts to the specific needs of the end user. The accuracy of the weather forecasts enables companies large and small to make the important operational decisions when weather is a factor.


Organizations and Associations contract with Western Weather Group to provide their members’ weather information services. As a provider of both weather stations and weather forecasting, Western Weather Group is unique in combining the two services into a single package. The weather stations are used to gather local weather data and these data are in-turn used to create detailed local weather forecasts. An Association can use the weather services as an enticement for membership. All members have access to the weather forecasts and weather station network data through the Association’s weather webpage that is provided by Western Weather Group.


Incorporating data from automated weather stations into our weather forecasts we create a unique product for our customers. Our forecasts contain information important to the end user such as growing degree days, reference evapotranspiration, disease model indices and heat stress information used in agriculture.


Consultants with a clear understanding of their exposure to weather variability have the best opportunity to manage weather-related risks, including estimating potential losses and their probability. While there is a wealth of weather forecast information on the Internet, most of these forecasts are computer generated. Western Weather Group’s weather forecast team understands your specific weather needs and risks and uses a man/machine mix of information to generate weather forecasts for your precise requirements. When your business decisions depend on accurate weather information, you can depend on Western Weather Group.

Custom Forecasts

If your business is impacted by environmental factors; actionable weather, water and climate information is key to developing successful business practices, from daily operations to long term planning. Western Weather Group takes the time to understand your specific weather risks and then develops a weather forecast solution so you can mitigate these risks. Our weather forecasting services include consultation with staff meteorologists via telephone and email. Custom weather forecasting services are available for both short and long term periods.



We work closely with each client to understand their needs and then design a system that will meet their specifications.

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