Field Services


Western Weather Group is a full service company when it comes to meteorological and environmental monitoring instrumentation. We install and support what we sell. Each monitoring system is custom designed for your specific application from the pole or tower it is mounted on to the type of communications, datalogger and sensors. Western Weather Group works closely with the customer beginning with the initial design and purchase phase to the final installation by our trained field technicians. Once installed, Western Weather Group provides the data collection, processing, display and distribution through their cloud based weather database. On-going technical support, maintenance, calibration and spare parts are all services provided by Western Weather Group after the installation.


Weather observations are only valuable if they are accurate. It has been proven over the years; the weather stations that receive regular maintenance and annual or semi-annual calibrations have a much longer life expectancy. Routine maintenance also improves the quality of the data and therefore its value. Western Weather Group provides on-site support as well as phone and email support to help their customers properly maintain their stations and extend the life of their investment.


Ensuring data quality is one of the major factors in meteorological measurements. The quality assurance starts at the measurement level by using well characterized and traceable sensors. Long term observations should be subject to some sort of regular calibration to ensure that the measurement is stable over time. Following government regulatory guidelines, Western Weather Group provides on-site trained technicians and traceable calibration instruments to audit surface meteorological system and certify they meet EPA specifications.



We work closely with each client to understand their needs and then design a system that will meet their specifications.

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