We specialize in industrial grade meteorological and environmental monitoring systems. We are the California Sales Representative for Campbell Scientifics' measurement and control products which are renowned for long-term monitoring and precision measurements. Our instrumentation services include system design, sales, installation, calibration, and support and data management.

We work closely with each client to understand their needs and then design a system that will meet their specifications. Campbell Scientific dataloggers (CR800, CR1000) are at the center of our rugged and reliable data acquisition systems. Sensors from various manufacturers will interface to the datalogger and all sensors are designed for long-term installation in harsh environmental conditions. Data storage and retrieval is the key to any monitoring system and many options are available including Ethernet, cellular, RS232, radio, satellite, memory drive and telephone modem with voice synthesizer capabilities.

The Campbell Scientific wireless sensor network enables a variety of sensors to communicate back to a base station datalogger wirelessly. This is especially beneficial in terrain where the weather conditions can vary widely over short distances. Now you can monitor the weather in unique micro-climates without the hassle of running wires.